Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Hustle

This past weekend was a hustle, i worked late into saturday morning on a site for my new idea, most of the body was already done but i still need to get the site registered, figure out how to get the images to display and optimize properly as well as have it up and running, i am really proud of myself for following through on this one and executing right away, i believe that the key to success is seizing the moment and capitalizing, i am hoping that by tuesday at the latest i will work out all the kinks and have the site up and running, please stay tuned!!!!!.

Saturday, didn't really do much except babysit the Kids, the wife went to work for most of the day, we traveled out to Pennsylvania on saturday night and stayed overnight with relatives, the kids had a great time and i had a necessary break, glad i didn't have to spend any money besides Gas especially since i didn't have any to spend from the get go

Sunday night, we got back home, i was going through my new statements and i am glad to say i reached a milestone, for the first time in so many years i have been able to pay down my student loan to ten thousand and change, this is great progress, i am inspired and i hope to get rid of the entire thing in 2 years, My American express blue card statement came and i also saw the balance went down by almost 60 dollars, however the next bill is due in a day, i need to figure out how to get some money to pay it since i don't want to incur any late payments at this time of the game. However to a little bit of bad news, my comcast bill came today and it was 157 dollars for the triple play somehow that seems to be too much, i am thinking right now whether i do need a home phone since i make all my calls on the cell phone and i might get rid of HBO, Showtime and Starz soon, the only thing i really need is actually the broadband connection which come to think of it, i can get cheaper standalone, i really have to look into cheapening my whole triple play package.

So far the weekend turned out really nice and short, back to the daily grind, there has to be a better way of making money, still working on finding it.

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