Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Renewed urge to act

It almost seems like i took sometime off, i stopped trying, i stopped hustling and started loosing the zeal to get out of my financial rut but i was just laying low trying to plot my next move, life can be rough when one is down and out. I have been looking at ways to generate income on the Internet via tried and true means, but nothing i try seems to pick up i will need to restrategize once more.

On the debt front i am almost down to 50K in total debt with the possibility to pay off 15K to bring it down to 35K but i am having second thoughts, i feel like i should put it to use in a real estate investment since i don't think we will see real estate prices this low again in the longest time, if you were me what will you do?

I am on the verge of heading back to school to get an MBA in finance, this will definitely put my finances in dire straits again since i want to pay for the tuition in cash but i do see it as good debt worth accumulating for the bigger picture later on.

I have also put my classic 94 Mercedes on sale via craigslist in a bid to raise some much needed cash and i am also on the watch out for viable business ventures.