Thursday, June 4, 2009

Being Broke is no fun

Today i find myself broke like i have never being before, i was forced to give my daughter her lunch money with my Collectible silver coins, short of racking up another overdraft charge, i am running a negative 194 in my checking account due to some missed check calculations. I need to do a better job of managing my finances because that 194 can definitely go towards paying down some other bills.

On a different note, i have been worked diligently to get the website up and going, i was hoping it will be up by now but due to my current financial state, i wont be able to pay for the hosting part of it till this weekend so i am hoping that everything goes well and that the site should be up on Monday 6/8/09, keeping my hand crossed. It has been a great learning experience getting back up on HTML and web-designing, i am currently putting finishing touches to the last of the pages and still need to work on a professional looking logo for the site, i have downloaded the opens source program gimp and hope to have something soon. During the whole design and coding process i cam across two valuable tools/site that i will like to recommend to anyone - Firebug (add-on to FireFox), it helps with seeing what parts of the code are linking to what parts of the HTML page especially for updating sections or troubleshooting. The other is the HTML Validator - which is an invaluable tool especially to someone like me who hasn't coded in HTML since 2.0, it is a necessary check for any novice HTML coder.

The stock market has been on an uptrend as off late even with the minor pullback a few days back, it has gone up too quick, too fast that even though stocks were really beaten down to start with it, i think that a correction is definitely going to come in the near term, i need to place sell limit orders on my stocks as soon as possible.

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