Friday, August 7, 2009

Update on Financial Recovery

Alot has been happening in my financial recovery plan, i am making progress but at the expense of paying my bills on time, i have tried very hard to stay on schedule and pay them on time but the payoff that i did on American express deliquent account threw me off of my whole regimen. It is so funny how once i am thrown off my economic plan it takes me twice as hard and more money to recover, but i am steadfast in my resolve to be debt free (minus student loan and Mortgage obligations) going into 2011.

On another note, i am considering going back to School to get a doctorate or MBA degree in either financial engineering or management information systems, i do need to accquire some new higher-level skills for the second leg of my career journey which i am hoping will see me being self sufficient entrepreneur running my own Software Quality Assurance/Testing Consultancy, only time will tell.

I am happy to say that as off the end of this month i will be tracking at approximately 56K in debt down from 80K almost 2 years ago, i am hoping that i will finish the year around 40 - 45K in debt that is my goal for this year