Monday, June 15, 2009

Financial Health Update

I finally went through my bills after making some time in between holding down a regular gig and trying to promote the new website anyway i can (still taking solicitations on how to effectively promote the site), for what i can see, i only made little progress last month on whittle down my debt, i was able to pay down close to $1000 dollars but due to interests and some late fees i didn't make much of a dent this month, i need to double up my effort to get to the finish line of DEBT FREEDOM, on another sad note, i have to write checks totalling 1600 between now and Friday to come up to speed on my outstanding bills, this is an ongoing battle because one block on the road sets you back couple of months down the line, at this rate i may reduce my debt substantially but still be stuck with bad credit due to the way i am making the payments, i seriously need to come up with a system that keeps me from paying any bills late each month. I also need to seriously look into making some passive income via the Internet. My current outstanding debt stands at around 52K for Credit card and unsecured loans and 13K (combined) student loans.

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