Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maintaining and marketing the newsite

Lately i find myself working late nights trying to finetune the new site as well as market it effectively, i am hoping to push it out there and get people's interest on the site going, the first feedback i got was about the company logo which i had since changed, i am working on providing some more items on the site as well as figuring out how to generate revenue to the point that the site is self sufficient. I am definitely open to ideas on how to go about marketing the site effectively.

On another note, my bills for the month are currently coming in and i am yet to open them and compile the balances to see what overall progress i made in the past month. i will update the site with my progress in a day or two, i am hoping that in the next couple of days my work on the site will level off so that i can get back to maintaining the blog and researching other prospects.

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