Sunday, June 28, 2009

Progress towards Wiping out debt

In the past week, i have been working on the possibility of wiping out my American express debt and from the looks of it, it might possibly come true, i am hoping that if i can pull it off, that may be the trigger i need to also get rid of my second American express account. I have been dreaming of having the account gone from my debt and also possibly getting rid of my Bank of America line of credit account debt as well as my HSBC credit card account debt which combined for a total of around 24K by the end of this year. I am not exactly sure how i will be able to get rid of 24K by years end but something tells me to work towards it and hopefully get it done.

On another note, i have been thinking of getting into refurbished laptop selling in third world countries in Africa, i was investigating this venture over the weekend and came to the conclusion that the margins on these laptops are worth it as long as you have the necessary selling volume and you definitely keep your shipping cost down to a minimum. I will aggressively look into getting into this venture and i will also need to find a place where i can get these refurbished laptops or net books at a compelling price (average refurbished laptop or net book price is $300). I am open to suggestions of where to get them at an affordable and compelling price.

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