Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend goes by so fast

The last couple of days saw me working on an article that deals with finding Jobs in this economy, i have been thinking about the best avenues for the unemployed to go about looking for employment and i finally penned down what my thoughts are, i will look into the different areas to post it up, stay tuned.

I was a little disappointed over the weekend because i ended up not being able to sign-off on my Amex bills for good like i thought i will be able to do, apparently the creditors try to get the money out of my account on the same day i deposited the last check to make it complete and my bank decided not to honor my overdraft protection on that date and sent it back, i have so far called the creditor twice with no callback hoping they will still be willing to do it, men that was a failed opportunity, i will keep trying and hopefully something will come off it.

In my web browsing, i came across the following interesting writeups;

The 101 Best Twitter Job Search/Career Experts Plus 6

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