Thursday, July 9, 2009

Digging out of debt has its price

So finally on 7/7/09 a significant amount of money came out of my account towards my American express bill hopefully to close out that account for good, i will see what happens when i get my next bill, the amount that was debited out of my account ended up putting my account in the negative due to the bad timing on the part of the collection agency, i can already smell the overdraft fees on this one, Chase has definitely made a killing over the last 12 months on my account with these overdraft fees. It is ironic that today's paper headlines read something like ...Banks are getting rich on overdraft fees, i can definitely attest to that.
I will definitely pull through on this, i hope this is the trigger i need to cut down on some more debt accounts. I will provide some more status on this at the end of the month.
On a sad note, i no longer have any money to pay my other bills till my next check which will be less anything that is negative in my account, My Cell phone is now cut due to no payment and wont get turned on till i can pay, what a life, i may have to dip into my personal IRA again to get myself out of this.

On a different note, i noticed on my way in to the office that there is a large proportionate number of women that are pregnant, i guess the myth is true, that more women get pregnant at times of recession. It is unbelievable the human spirit to survive and thrive.

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