Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sites stumbled upon

I stumbled upon the following sites that i though were interesting and worth checking out (I stumbled upon this site while searching for travel sites where i may put together a vacation package for the family but pay for it installmentally, need to find a way to pay for this once i am ready) ( this seemed like a great site to find bargains will check this out more often) (from what i could tell this site pays individuals to answer questions from their customers on just about anything, the maximum pay per question was about 10cents, not much but it can make for a side passive income to someone sitting at home doing nothing) ( i came across this open innovation site while reading one of the many financial magazines that i go through during my lunch which are mostly spent at Barnes and Noble, i signed up as a member but has yet to get into the site officially and research it some more, i am definitely intrigued by it)

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