Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day weekend financial blow-up

The days of living above my means and supplementing my income via my IRA withdrawals is long gone as my financial life went bust over the labor day weekend, never before will i have ever thought that the day will come when i will hit financial pavement. The labor day weekend culminated in financial hell for me and my family, a weekend that should have been spent on a family road trip ended up being spent indoors at home due to my financial situation.

Saturday 9/5 started out with our cable , phone and Internet service from Comcast being cut off and then our cell phone was also cut off on Monday 9/7, normally i am able to call them up and make the necessary payments to get the service back on but not this time, since i had no money available in any of my immediate accounts and to top things off, all but one of my cards was declined every time i tried to use them.

This is clearly the bottom that i had dreaded for so long, never again i said to myself, from now on i will make strides to live below my means, i will make strides to generate monthly income besides my regular income, i will strive to restore my financial self and dignity through investments.

I will provide an update of my status in terms of paying down my debt in the coming week.

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